Becoming a creator of experience

Life, Self,  God or whatever you want to call the miracle of being exist in a space of harmony between opposites; between female and male; between light and dark; between good and evil; between positive and negative.

The integration of opposites can be seen in the brain’s physiology. Looking at the brain where the survival instincts of fight flight or freeze exist in the reptilian brain in contrast to the emotional and the mammalian parts of the brain whose integration is made possible only by the sophisticated complexity of the neocortex.

This is the part of us that makes us uniquely human and this is the part that provides us with the ability to become creators of experience. Where behavior, feelings and thoughts can become an integrated whole.

It’s not that we are creators but rather that we can develop into becoming/being creators. We are born with the capacity, the potential but the ability is won over periods of development. The integration of experience and the growth of the personality is hardwon; they are far from instincts.

This is the process of life, growth and evolution