The Self-Connection REACHtreat


The Self-connection REACHtreat is an opportunity to deepen your connection to your Self and learn ways of being rooted in the resources, strengths and love that exist within you. 

What is a REACHtreat? The Self-Connection experience does not fit neatly into the box of retreat or workshop so I invented the word “REACHtreat” to capture the idea of challenging and often times painful growth (i.e., reaching forth positively) that occurs in workshops and treat, which is the incorporation of many yummy aspects of life: play, dance, music, food, connection, fun and relaxation. 

All of the thoughtful ways Tim and Simone facilitated, supported and contained the group through a very well thought out itinerary. There were so many gifts given and received and I’m so thankful for the experience. It changed my life.

This reachtreat is for those looking to grow more presence, groundedness, joy, peace and love for themselves and others.

The Self-Connection workshop is a good fit for people looking for personal and professional growth and:

  • Would like to explore and learn more about who they are and connect deeply to themselves

  • Have feelings of not being good enough and wish to genuinely value themselves

  • Experiencing burnout in various roles in their life and wish to connect to greater energy and vitality in life

  • Are wanting to get unstuck from unhealthy/unhelpful coping patterns in life

  • Would like to overcome and transform difficult emotions and/or relationship challenges

What is Self-Connection?

Self-connection is the process of being in touch with your core Self, without identifying or confusing Self with the experience that is occurring. Often times we confuse our Self with our feelings, roles, perceptions, expectations, and relationships. We will explore the unique Self that lives within you. The Self is the life force that lives within each of us; it is consciousness.

The seed of Self has a unique expression in each person and our primary drive is to manifest and form this unique expression. Vitality, power, and authenticity can be felt when we are rooted in the Self and acceptance of the experience that is occurring. By engaging with what is, while simultaneously rooting in the Self, the Self emerges more fully. Being connected with our Self, we can engage in the learning process through whatever challenging experience is occurring or has occurred.  

The Reachtreat is beyond words. Its a pause and reset on life in beautiful surroundings and with kind people. Its a great space to take risks, practice self-care and grow love for yourself. I would highly recommend the Reachtreat for anyone and everyone looking to enrich their lives and self!

The Self-connection workshop will include concrete skill development through experiential exercises:

  • 7 Learning modules and 3 yoga classes over the 3 days. Topics/Skills include:

    • Grounding: Connecting to Self, knowing your worth and value

    • Breathwork: breathing the breath you need.

    • Containment: Creating a holding space for your experience to face difficulties honestly

    • Creating Healthy Boundaries: Explore and experience the creation and maintenance of healthy boundaries

    • Transforming stuck experiences: Evolving negative emotions with your inner resources

    • Discovering the roots of Self: Knowing your Self through your most important values

    • Differentiating Self from Role: Manifesting Self through role and not getting lost in the impulses of ego

    • Daily Yoga classes will be used to help physically integrate the learning modules

  • Experiential exercises are done individually and in small groups so participants will have a chance to practice the skills learned in a supportive context

  • Variety of practices to help with Self-connection including; breathwork, movement, yoga, meditation, interpersonal exercises.

  • Instruction, meals and accommodations are all included in the price.

  • Please note: This is an intensive workshop with 18 hours of instruction and activities. Registration will include an initial phone call to ensure goodness of fit.

  • Dates: Friday August 9, 2019 to Sunday August 11, 2019;

    Check in 2pm on Friday and Checkout 3pm Sunday.

I would highly recommend the Freedom to Move Self-Connection retreat to anyone who is looking to understand and move past what’s holding them back from being their most authentic self. You will come away with new insights, tools, and practices that will help you relate to yourself and others in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.
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Location:  TBA

Paris, Ontario

Private room: $650

Shared room with one other person: $600

Instruction, meals and accomodations are all included in the price.

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